Vilnius College of Technologies and Design or VTDK is a Lithuanian state institution of higher education, established in 1954. It is the third largest university of applied sciences in Lithuania, hosting over 4,000 students and 400 professors and other staff members.

Key advantages of studying in Lithuania:

Why Join VTDK?

Vilnius College of Technologies and Design – VTDK (previously known as Vilnius University of Applied Engineering Sciences) – consists of 4 faculties: the Civil Engineering Faculty, the Design Faculty, the Petras Vileisis Railway Transportation Faculty, and the Technical Faculty. Vilnius College of Technologies and Design is an institution of higher education offering around twenty full-time study programs, partial studies through exchange programs, as well as informal study courses and training.
Studies focus on practical activities and enable students to acquire a specialized background and achieve a professional bachelor’s degree. In addition to receiving real expertise, students also become part of an active and creative future generation of professionals with the initiative to compete on the Lithuanian and European labour market. VTDK trains specialists who upon graduation are well qualified to take up successful job positions at companies both in Lithuania and abroad. The quality of specialist preparation is constantly being improved to meet the growing competitiveness of the labour market.

College Activities:

Vilnius College of Technologies and Design offers various activities for local and foreign students. Regarding sports, the college has a large sports hall and an athletic gymnastics hall. Local students have formed various clubs: basketball, volleyball, ping pong, football, darts, weightlifting, track and field and athletic gymnastics. Students regularly represent College in different sport competitions – local, regional, international. It is popular among Erasmus exchange students to play football once a week with the local amateur football team.
For those who are less into sports and more into technologies, VTDK.hackLAB is the place to be. VTDK.hackLAB is a facility based on hacker space format and is a part of Vilnius College of Technologies and Design innovation center. Its main purpose is to gather people of various skills to work on interesting projects, learn together and then share it with everyone. They carry out various workshops during the year.


Lithuania is a member of the EU since 2004. Culturally, Lithuania has been seeking westernization ever since the restoration of independence from the Soviet occupants back in 1990. Ethnically, Lithuania is rather homogeneous, with Lithuanians making up around 84% of the population of about 3 million people. In Vilnius region, compared to others, we have a considerable number of Polish and Russian people. Historically, Vilnius region has always been multicultural and that had a great influence on the shaping of Vilnius identity.

Courses (Feb-intake):

VTDK, Lithuania Program Tuition Fee per year Duration
Bachelors in Electrical and Automation Engineering 1421 Euro* 3 Years
Bachelors in Transport Logistics 1421 Euro* 3 Years
Bachelors in Civil Engineering 1421 Euro* 3 Years