PRE- DEPARTURE SERVICES  services are for the arrangement for a student to depart from India to the other country till they reach their respective university. During this whole process there are lot of important things a student must take care of.


Flight ticket Usually, for a booking a ticket, we wait until our visa gets approved but by the time it gets approved, the cost of booking a ticket is high. Your visa gets approved, although it may get late but it gets approved if you provide the required documents and details regarding your abroad education. So, it is always to book your ticket before hand. It may save you from purchasing costly ticket which could get at minimum price.


Insurance When it comes to insurance which could be bought at the cost of 1000 rupees for 1 month, we usually ignore and reluctantly choose to not buy it. Yes, your insurance may get covered through scholarships but between period also matters, isn’t it? From the moment you catch the flight and reach the country, it’s better to have the insurance in your hand for safe side. Just get 1 month insurance instead of neglecting it.


Essentials By the time we realize it’s time to depart from home country, it already gets late as meeting deadlines, looking after visa approvals, and so many things. And hence, in the hussle, you may question yourself what are the “essentials” to carry abroad. Below is the list of essentials you should never forget while you go abroad. Make sure you create a checklist while scrutinizing.



I really don’t think you need any guidance for this because whom are we kidding with? Animals? Because they don’t need clothes, humans do. Well, if you are still wondering, clothes of course, DUH!!! But how is the weather and climate going to be, what is suitable and comfortable there, etc… we have got a simple thing for you.


Undergarments, tees, track pants, tops, but most importantly winter clothing. Make sure you have at least 2-3 sweatshirts or hoodies, coat or jackets, pajamas, jeans, rain boots, sneakers, at least 2 bath towels, blankets and bedsheets. Mind you, we are just talking about essentials, if you are worrying that some of your stuff is missing in the list, don’t worry, you can still pack them but not too heavy cause it would be difficult for you to carry all by yourself and that too at a new place.


Toiletries Make sure you carry your toiletry with you which contains your toothbrush, toothpaste, your favorite body wash, perfume, shampoo+conditioner, nail clippers, wet wipes and tissues, earbuds, hand sanitizer, make up, face wash, sunscreen, body lotion of your skin type, razor, comb, contact lense if you have specs, medications which can be used during emergencies.


Money, electronics, and other extras I know you won’t forget your mobile and charger but just a safety reminder. Laptop and charger, wallet which will have the local currency of the respective country you are going to study or work at,  camera, cords and its charger if you have one, sleeping bag, backpack, water bottles, headphones, few hangers, sunglasses.


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