Journalism Courses in Abroad

In today’s modern information centered society,  World is a Global village with effective means and modes of communication in all sectors. Media plays an important role in the flow of communication worldwide. NEWS is that part of communication which enhances our knowledge and empowers people all around the globe. The NEWS generators / Journalists / Reports are the ones who try to trace out a fact and brings it into limelight. A well driven, curious, inquisitive mind of a journalist will try to report an issue / an event unbiased and with actual facts and figures.

Journalism Career is becoming popular as it is highly exciting. Today’s youngsters feel tire to do static & routine jobs. They need novelty & excitement combined with entertainment, so looking for diversified career. No two days of the job will be the same for a journalist, as you get an opportunity to meet new people and new incidents and you can travel to new places. However these careers are also very competitive.

In order to succeed in this career one should be capable of generating NEWS which is the top most of the telecasts. The choice of the event should be appropriate and new technologies are required to present it splendid.

The professional need to have an innovative mind, entrepreneurial mindset and a creative thinker. One will have the opportunity to gain a new perspective abroad, and might even be able to write for a paper overseas through a university program or outside internships. Students will develop

To get trained and to know the techniques, a degree in media and communications from a well respected and innovative country’s University will be an ideal choice

Few prominent UK Universities are

  1. ·        London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), London
  2. ·        City University London, London
  3. ·        University of Westminster (UWE), London
  4. ·        Loughborough University, Loughborough
  5. ·        Cardiff University, Cardiff

Few prominent  USA Universities are as follows:

School Location Journalism Degree Programs
Arizona State University Phoenix, Arizona Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctoral
University of California (UC) Berkeley Berkeley, California Graduate
Columbia University New York, New York Graduate, Doctoral
The CUNY Graduate School of Journalism New York, New York Graduate
University of Florida Gainesville, Florida Undergraduate, Graduate
University of Missouri Columbia, Missouri Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctoral
New York University New York, New York Undergraduate, Graduate
Northwestern University Evanston, Illinois Undergraduate, Graduate
University of North Carolina (UNC)– Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, North Carolina Undergraduate, Graduate
University of Southern California (USC) Los Angeles, CA Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctoral
Syracuse University Syracuse, New York Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctoral
University of Texas (UT) at Austin Austin, Texas Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctoral
University of Wisconsin Madison, Wisconsin Undergraduate, Graduate

So, if you are aiming for an investigating career and willing to hone your skills, then do pursue your journalism studies abroad and see the difference it makes in your outlook. Good Luck..