To all the students who always aspired to go abroad for studying but were directionless, our company provides you perfectly trained counselors who could guide you through this journey. We communicate directly with the students and their parents and briefly explain what suits them the best. We believe in encouraging the students to reach the sky and untie all the chaos, norms and doubts about studying abroad.

With 15 years of excellence, we are providing services to all those students who believed in us for our values and ethics. IFS Consultants is a place where a student gets completely sorted once he takes counseling from here. After extensive research in countries like USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, Singapore etc;. We process applications for most of the Top rated Universities and our selection is exclusively profile specific!

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Counseling for:

Confused what to do after under graduation?

We take you through step by step process which is easy and informative. We decide what is best for you, that which you deserve and fits you perfectly.



Once the candidate registers, an admission manager will be allocated to the student and he/she will guide the student regarding the most suitable universities for the student’s profile, keeping in mind several factors specified by the student at the time of discussion. Admission manager will take care of the following points while suggesting the Universities.


Application process:

First and foremost step for going abroad is the Application process, where you will be guided by our trained counselors. It’s very important and crucial part which if executed perfectly will take you to the best universities. Universities like Stanford, Harvard want to know what you have achieved and why you want to take an admission from them. But that doesn’t mean having the right set of documents would mean same for every university. A university may have different credentials and that’s where we help you placing all the options you need.


COMMON NORM : Application process must be a headache!!!

How do break that norm?  We give you the clarity which unhitches all the confusion about it.



This is the process which leads you to the next step of going abroad. This step allows you to understand what course you are actually interested in, what exam you must take that will lead you to there and what is the university that offers such courses. As simple as it sounds, the list of options often leads one person into confusion because of the ongoing list. Therefore, our counselor will list out everything and map it crystal clear for you.

Our follow-up team will be reaching out to the universities, take care of your application forms and get the update status periodically. They will not only make sure to explain the student’s profile to the university but also give their best to get the decision at the earliest.


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