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Testimonials of OUR Students studying in Different Countries

We Congratulate Uppala Roshni for Relying On IFS

Name : Uppala Roshni
College : GITAM University
Admitted to : University of Dayton
Semester : Fall 2012
  Country : USA

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We Congratulate N.Sanjay Narayan for Relying On IFS

Name : N.Sanjay Narayan
College : GITAM University
Admitted to : Univ. of Cincinnati
Semester : Fall 2012
  Country : USA

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From: N.Sanjay Narayan<                                            > (hidden for security purpose
Date: Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 7:47 AM
Subject: Feedback
To: visa.guidance@ifsconsultants.in

First of all, I would like to thank IFS consultants for their exemplary service. It was their relentless perseverance that has rendered me so lucky to be a part of a University of such stature as the University of Cincinnati.

Before I go any further, I must confess a total lack of interest on my part when the idea of pursuing an M.S. first came to me. I would like to express my story in a very candid way and I hope some of the readers would be able to relate to it.

Initially, when it was suggested to me that I pursue an M.S., the first thought that occurred to me was a big NO on the grounds that I had no knowledge of how to go about it. Well, as it happens, it was just plain lack of awareness (and I had no interest in changing that situation either). One fine day, I saw an ad on some website saying that ETS was offering a 50% discount to students taking the GRE test in the new pattern. I thought, why not? And I took the test.

After receiving the score, I didn’t give it any second thought at all. Around this time, some friends had advised me to go and talk to an educational consultant and that made all the difference. My parents and I had been a bit sceptical about this whole venture from the beginning (and I, a tad more than them). And then it so happened that we dropped into the office of IFS one evening and we had quite an informative discussion about opportunities available abroad for higher studies. It was at this time that I slowly warmed up to the idea of an M.S. thinking “Hey!, I think I can do this!”.

Alas, as it normally happens, all my initial enthusiasm was killed by a few quick Google searches where I happened to see the fees. As a result, neither me nor my parents thought about M.S. seriously in the beginning. Then, one day, we received a call from IFS saying that they had shortlisted a few universities based on my credentials. That was when my parents decided to pay another visit.

So, I finally started the process around September 2011 although I must confess I was still not totally convinced about the expenditure part. It took a month to finalize a list of universities to which I should be applying to.

IFS played a key role in this phase as I have come to understand after coming to the U.S. the education system here is much different from that of India and each University is as academically demanding as its reputation. So, it is very important to choose a university based on one’s calibre and not based on one’s desire (sometimes they coincide!!). The entire application process was taken care of by IFS and all credit goes to them in this regard.

Following this began the nail biting wait for admits. I am very happy to say that I got two admits, one from Syracuse University and one from University of Cincinnati. I chose the University of Cincinnati
as I had managed to secure a scholarship here.

Had there been no IFS to guide me through the rest of the process i.e. the VISA, I am not quite sure I would have been able to make it here. Hence, the good people at IFS started training me for my VISA interview and as it happens, I was asked similar questions during my real VISA interview.

Well, did that sound simple? It would if one would ignore all the paper work involved in the background. Thanks to IFS for doing such a wonderful job with all the paper work that I went to the interview with no tensions of missing documents etc. Actually, now that I am writing this, it occurs to

me that without IFS, I would have had to go through mountains of paper work before I could even go within a kilometres radius of the consulate!

On the whole, IFS proved to be a key factor in motivating me to pursue my studies abroad and helping me through the entire process. The best part of their service was that, they were always a step ahead of me!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members of IFS for helping me be where I am now.

We Congratulate A.Vidya for Relying On IFS

Name : A.Vidya
College : GITAM University
Admitted to : U.M - Duluth
Semester : Fall 2012
  Country : USA

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We Congratulate V.S.R.Vyjayanthi for Relying On IFS

Name : V.S.R.Vyjayanthi
College : Godavari Inst of Engg. & Tech
Admitted to : Univ. of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Semester : Fall 2012
  Country : USA

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From: Ramya Vyjayanthi<                                            > (hidden for security purpose
Date: Thu, Jul 26, 2012 at 6:39 PM
Subject: Re: From IFS: Feed Back about our Services (Reminder)
To: Institute for Foreign Studies <visa.guidance@ifsconsultants.in>

Thank you for the congratulations.
I consider it lucky to have known IFS.Right from the application
process to the mock interviews it was all a smooth flow,the staff were
very co operative and accommodating.They are patient to listen to each
individual issues and offer a genuine solution which I think is a
major reason towards my success from securing the admit to obtaining
the visa.
The best of the documentation and application process was that the
counselors took care that the required documentation work was
absolutely foolproof.Without a single trivial detail missing.Apart
from that perfection the process was also fast paced.
The next major step being the visa guidance.It is obviously the most
crucial step in the whole process and IFS proved to be a very
dependable source.The whole tedious process was taken care
of,addressing every individual issue with patience and arriving with a
prompt solution.The whole set of mock visa sessions were the most
beneficial with 10 mock interviews which not only boosted the
confidence but the counselors gave a few pointers as I progressed on
from one interview to the other which helped me tackle the answers in
a better way every single time I answered them.
All of the above has helped me in having a calm and confident mind
right before the interview and cracking it up with ease while a lot of
my other friends were really nervous about either incomplete
documentation or poor answers for the visa questions.
All in all.IFS has been true to its purpose of paving a way to the my
global career.

However,I would like to give a suggestion for improvement.
I was slightly disappointed with the lack of total transparency during
the follow up process where an e mail id of my name was not accessible
to me.It would be nice,if the student got timely emails as to what
correspondence was going on between the university and the follow up
If not the whole correspondence,the details which need not be kept
confidential wouldnt be very harmful and would help the student get an
idea as to whats going on..and let the student place more trust in IFS
in general.

We Congratulate Naqeeb Saien for Relying On IFS

Name : Naqeeb Saien
College : Avanthi Inst of Engg. & Tech
Admitted to : UMBC
Semester : Fall 2012
  Country : USA

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From: naqueeb saien<                                            > (hidden for security purpose
Date: Thu, Aug 2, 2012 at 4:45 PM
Subject: Re: From IFS: Feed Back about our Services (Reminder)
To: Institute for Foreign Studies <visa.guidance@ifsconsultants.in>

Hello IFS Team, 

Its feedback time :)

I would like to begin with the day i have entered into IFS, I was totally a novice i haven't got any idea on admission, documentation and Visa expect for few things. From the time i have entered there office they have put me at ease and made me understand each and everything which was clyster clear, even my silly doubts were cleared. Each and everyone in this office works to their best and they suggest according to our needs rather than general suggestions..I m really glad and very much pleased to come here, from Admissions to Visa  it was a cake walk, as they have helped me and sorted out even the minute issues finally everything was clear got admit from college and through their guidance got my visa too :) everything was organised and perfectly planned.. I would like to thank each and everyone to name few: Ravi sir, Zarina Mam, Kalyani Mam, Ramchandran Sir and many more but not the least Rama Raju Sir - as he understood and guided me in a perfect manner which has helped me alot in clearning Visa Interview..Thanks to All

Cheers IFS Team


We Congratulate T.Manoj for Relying On IFS

Name : T.Manoj
College : GITAM University
Admitted to : St Univ of Ny Stony Brook
Semester : Fall 2012
  Country : USA

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From: tammali manoj<                                            > (hidden for security purpose
Date: Wed, Jul 25, 2012 at 10:33 PM
Subject: Re: From IFS: Feed Back about our Services (Reminder)
To: Institute for Foreign Studies <visa.guidance@ifsconsultants.in>

Hi ,
  This is Manoj.I first want to thank everyone in IFS office who helped me alot :)
Director RamaRaju sir was very friendly and encouraged me alot and helped me in getting my visa with his valuable views  :)Thanks alot sir :)
Maheswari Mam and kumar sir helped me alot by answering my calls many times,i want to thank her in getting my admission :)
Zarina mam helped me out in my visa processing alot she handled it very easily and gave me confidence that i can do it.Thank u so much mam :)
Sowjanya Mam,Nehru sir and one more mam {sry dont remember her name but she took 3mocks for me:) :)}Thanks alot for all of u :)

Ur mock interviews really helped me out and i have no complaints and very happy regarding IFS infact am very thankful to u :) :)
I would suggest all my juniors this IFS consultancy as reliable one :)
Thanking you,

We Congratulate S.Chaitanya for Relying On IFS

Name : S.Chaitanya
College : GITAM University
Admitted to : UMBC
Semester : Fall 2012
  Country : USA
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From: chaitanya srinadhu  <                                            > (hidden for security purpose
Date: Sun, Aug 26, 2012 at 6:54 PM
Subject: Re: Hi
To: Institute for Foreign Studies <visa.guidance@ifsconsultants.in>


I am doing great here, Univ of Maryland Baltimore Campus. The university and the city are very welcoming. You can always contact me on this email address. I dont have permanent number yet. But my temporary number is +1.848.250.5316.


We Congratulate T.Rahul Avinash for Relying On IFS

Name : T.Rahul Avinash
College : GITAM University
Admitted to : UHMC
Semester : Fall 2012
  Country : USA

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From: rahul avinash<                                            > (hidden for security purpose
Date: Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 3:14 AM
Subject: Re: From IFS: Req for Feedback
To: Institute for Foreign Studies <visa.guidance@ifsconsultants.in>

Dear ifs,
Good afternoon. May be I should say good morning. Thank you very much for all the support you've given. I dont think it would've been possible for me to get through the visa interview without the guidance and the help from the consultancy.
I'm completely satisfied with the processing at IFS and found no difficulty in the documentation. The staff members were very friendly and responded positively to every situation. Talkin bout the mock sessions, they have been really helpful. I can tell this more confidently after the experience with the person at the US consulate.

I really regret not meeting the staff members of the consultancy before leaving to the US coz i've been roamin more than i've expected for the stuff i needed to bring here. But please convey my thanks to everyone from Jyothi ma'am to Raju sir. Sorry about the late reply to the mail.
Thank you,

We Congratulate D.V.Sampath for Relying On IFS

Name : D.V.Sampath
College : M.V.G.R.College of Engg.
Admitted to : Clemson University
Semester : Fall 2012
  Country : USA
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From: Sampath D.V.<                                            > (hidden for security purpose
Date: Sun, Aug 26, 2012 at 3:54 AM
Subject: Re: Hi
To: Institute for Foreign Studies <visa.guidance@ifsconsultants.in>

Hello Ifs,

I have reported to the Clemson University, attended the first week of classes and settled comfortably. The University had a host of programs listed for us to get accustomed to their traditions and practices. We had the International, Graduate and Department Orientations and several other cultural activities like Tiger Prowl, Solid Orange Friday, Bowman Field Fest etc.
Assitantships and Funding is hard to get in the first semester itself. Especially in my field of interest, Engineering Design we have about 40 students in every class. So the competition is quite tough. I am not losing hope yet and will try to secure a good GPA so that chances of Funding might improve in the next semester. The town is also a University town with not many opportunities to work off the campus. Comparatively the cost of living is pretty low so that is one point in my favor.
Please feel free to contact me about any kind of information regarding the University. I am ready to help anyone who is interested to come here. Please make it a point to suggest this university to anyone and everyone who is interested in Mechanical or Automobile Engineering. This university has very strong Engineering Design and Manufacture, Automobile programs.

With Best Regards,
Sampath D V

We Congratulate K.Varun Kymar Singh for Relying On IFS

Name : K.Varun Kymar Singh
College : Kakinada Inst of Engg. & Tech
Admitted to : UNCC
Semester : Fall 2012
  Country : USA

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From: varun singh<                                            > (hidden for security purpose
Date: Wed, Aug 8, 2012 at 4:09 PM
Subject: Re: From IFS: Req for Feedback
To: Institute for Foreign Studies <visa.guidance@ifsconsultants.in>

Good day Sir/Mam,

Thank you IFS for being a great support to accomplish my short term goal of MS in USA. I am sorry to say that, I cannot come to your office and give a feedback in video format. I would be happy if U could accept this mail as my feedback. I will be frank in this...

Coming to feedback...about IFS, in one word I would say "A good choice, but high cost".

At each and every part of the process, excepting couple of times, I felt better/secure and much faster than other consultancies... But at the same time, at each and every point of time, I felt the cost/ charges are very high. Elongating my experiences with IFS...

Initially, I met Jaspreet mam who was really helpful in giving the whole information and outline of the process, It really helped me to get an idea, of applying to colleges. Then I met kalyani mam & she was of great help while arranging me the credit cards for the payments and all the bills in time.

Also, Ravi sir had helped me with choosing the universities very much. But I felt like he is pushing me to take the particular university/program/choose univ's only from the list IFS provided.(to be clear- when I ask about any-other universities other than in the list...I was not getting replies on-time through mail...when I meet and ask personally, ravi sir's replies ultimately say that this is not a good univ in some or the other way...! ) as a result of this influence, I was unable to opt for my preferred university(OSU) and preferred program(telecom). Yet the program which I am choosing now is my 2nd preferred one in one of the good univ's in US. therefore, I would not like to blame any one for this....But I feel others might suffer if this is the case with others too.

I have applied to one univ out of the list provided by IFS. i.e., Univ. of Texas at Dallas and my status was rejected...but till today I was unable to know the reason for rejection. other than this, ravi sir provided me replies and suggestions on-time and I felt his work was OK.

Soon after the admissions, here comes the visa process...I have no much issues with this. even here, I felt the charges are high...but I was able to get good services in time. so I would say it is worth it...!

Zarina mam was of great help during visa process and her work is up to the expectations and on-time. I am thankful for the help from Maheswari mam during visa processing.

I would like to specially thank people who helped me and supported me at some or the other part of time in IFS. especially the mam at reception...thanks for your patience mam...!

Many of their names are not known to me....yet, I would like to thank them all for their support during mock sessions. Thank you Rama raju sir for all the good suggestions you provided for my Visa Interview.....

Thank you all once again for the services provided by IFS...
(NOTE- I would like to be in touch with IFS through mail. so, please contact me through my mail for any other further clarifications)

Varun Singh.

We Congratulate M.Anil Shiridi Baba for Relying On IFS

Name : M.Anil Shiridi Baba
College : National Inst of Tech
Admitted to : Univ. of Southern California
Semester : Fall 2012
  Country : USA

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From: anil M<                                            > (hidden for security purpose
Date: Sat, Aug 25, 2012 at 12:19 PM
Subject: Re: Hi
To: Institute for Foreign Studies <visa.guidance@ifsconsultants.in>

Hello ifs,

there are a lot of Indian students in University of Southern California (USC) and my classes are going to start on 27th of this month. Campus security is really great. The course structure is very broad and flexible, i'm planning to take up courses related to robotics. The faculty members are really supporting and welcome any questions. There are really no assistantships for Masters students but there are plenty of them for PhD students. My phone no. is 213-400-4197. Feel free to contact me. USC has done outstanding research in certain areas like Networks and Communications, Signal Processing etc. 
Hope this information would be of good use to IFS.

Thank You. 

We Congratulate M.Sravya for Relying On IFS

Name : M. Sravya
College : GITAM Inst of Tech
Admitted to : New Jersey Inst of Tech
Semester : Fall 2012
  Country : USA
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From: Sravya Mummaneni <                                            > (hidden for security purpose
Date: Wed, Aug 1, 2012 at 10:57 PM
Subject: Re: From IFS: Feed Back about our Services (Reminder)
To: Institute for Foreign Studies <visa.guidance@ifsconsultants.in>

Hello Ma'am,

I am sorry I was unable to come up to your office and thank you in person. You have been of great help and sorted out all the problems with a lot of patience. For that I will always be grateful. Coming to IFS overall, I did not have any problem with anything. All my work was completed on time and the mock interviews were of great help. Thanks a lot for your support.


We Congratulate G.Divya for Relying On IFS

Name : G.Divya
College : A.U.College of Engineering
Admitted to : Univ. of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Semester : Fall 2012
  Country : USA
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From: Garikapati Divya<                                            > (hidden for security purpose
Date: Sat, Aug 25, 2012 at 9:03 PM
Subject: Re: Hi
To: Institute for Foreign Studies <visa.guidance@ifsconsultants.in>

Hi ifs,
I am fine.how are you ,Ravi sir, Anshu mam? The university of Michigan Ann Arbor is awesome,I am trying to explore all the possible resources of it through attending their orientation sessions.Monday I have to meet with my academic adviser to finalize my first term courses.I did not have the chance to contact the profs as they are on summer break till now.I am thinking of dropping the idea of working in the first semester itself as it would be tough to adjust,and will try for the next semester.My new contact number is 0014016510949 . Our classes start from 4th September,on 26th August we will be moving into our permanent accommodation which is somewhat close to the EECS dept,a 10 min walk.And will definitely mail you all my plans periodically.Thank you very much for the concern.
thank you


We Congratulate  J.S.Niveditha for Relying On IFS

Name : J.S.Niveditha
College : JNTU (Kakinada)
Admitted to : George Mason University
Semester : Fall 2012
  Country : USA
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From: nivedita jampana<                                            > (hidden for security purpose
Date: Sat, Aug 25, 2012 at 9:06 PM
Subject: Re: Hi
To: Institute for Foreign Studies <visa.guidance@ifsconsultants.in>

Ji ifs,

Thanks for your assistance and help, my process went on really smooth. I completed all my formalities and set to attend classes from monday. In the meanwhile, with Indian student's (there are abundant number of students and specially from hyderabad and mumbai)  guidance here I also got a teaching assitantship as soon as I came here (George Mason University) when I went and applied in person ( it was more of 1'st come 1'st serve basis with a mandate of having TOFEL above 100). I've a temporary phone now so it would be best to communicate through mails for now. I'll respond to them as and when I can and would love to be any help with respect to passing on information. 



We Congratulate I.Maheedhar for Relying On IFS

Name : I.Maheedhar
College : Amrita Univ.
Admitted to : UMKC
Semester : Fall 2012
  Country : USA

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We Congratulate V.Yesaswi for Relying On IFS

Name : V.Yesaswi
College : MVGR College of Engg.
Admitted to : Oklahoma St Univ.
Semester : Fall 2012
  Country : USA

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We Congratulate P.Ramya for Relying On IFS

Name : P.Ramya
College : GITAM University
Admitted to : Campbell Univ.
Semester : Fall 2012
  Country : USA

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From: ramya patibandla<                                            > (hidden for security purpose
Date: Sun, Aug 12, 2012 at 6:20 AM
Subject: Re: From IFS: Req for Feedback
To: Institute for Foreign Studies <visa.guidance@ifsconsultants.in>

Good Morning

                   Hi. zarina madam. Now i am in United States Of America, IFS has helped me a lot to achieve my goal. IFS has given me enough strength and support to face my VISA interview. The team has helped me a lot from the start, they helped me in choosing one of the best universities (CAMPBELL) in the field of Pharmacy. The team has helped me a lot in my Visa processing. Thanks a lot IFS



We Congratulate K.Santosh for Relying On IFS

Name : K.Santosh
College : R.I.P.S
Admitted to : Long Island Univ-Brooklyn
Semester : Fall 2012
  Country : USA

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From: kesarpu Santosh<                                            > (hidden for security purpose
Date: Sat, Aug 4, 2012 at 11:09 AM
Subject: Re: From IFS: Feedback About our Services
To: Institute for Foreign Studies <visa.guidance@ifsconsultants.in>

dear staff,
Thank u very much for ur persitent efforts for placing me in a good university (Long Island University) in U.S , i am very much pleased with the efforts and the guidance that ur staff has given me i would like to thank Rama Raju sir, Zarina mam, Jaspreet mam , Ravi sir and every other person in the team ,without ur guidance this would not have been possible, hope u continue ur good work and also assist me in the rest of the process if i have any doubts .

With regards,

We Congratulate V.A.Sruthi for Relying On IFS

coming soon

Name : V.A.Sruthi
College : GITAM Univ
Admitted to : U.T - Dallas
Semester : Fall 2012
  Country : USA


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We Congratulate S.Surya Sonal for Relying On IFS

Name : S.Surya Sonal
College : Chaitanya Engg College
Admitted to : Univ. of Albany
Semester : Fall 2012
  Country : USA

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We Congratulate Abhinav for Relying On IFS

Name : T. Abhinav Sravan
College : G.V.P (Engineering College )
Admitted to : Carnegie Mellon Univ.
Semester : Spring 2012
  Country : USA

I came to IFS after facing several rejections for fall 2011. I was not happy with the universities that I got into and I wanted to give it another shot. A friend recommended IFS to me and I went to the consultancy. One thing I observed from the start was that they had a streamlined process and procedures for everything that they do, and it happens in a very transparent and orderly manner. The staff was very helpful throughout the process and they were just a phone call away to answer any queries that I might have. The constant weekly updates that they keep sending are very helpful and keep us up to date on what is happening with regard to the status of our application. Initially I got rejections from two universities that I was really hoping to get into, after which the team worked even harder to make sure that I get into a very good university. This resulted in me getting into Carnegie Mellon University, one of the top universities in the USA. I am extremely happy and overjoyed about getting this admits from CMU and I owe it all to the team at IFS.


We Congratulate N. Navya for Relying On IFS

Name : Navya Narisetty
College : Gitam University
Admitted to : Missouri University of Science & Technology
Semester : Spring 2012
  Country : USA

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From: Navya Narisetty <                                            > (hidden for security purpose
Date: Wed, Nov 2, 2011 at 6:37 AM
Subject: Hello IFS counsellors and my well wishers
To: ifs counselor <info@ifsconsultants.in>, INSTITUTE FOR FOREIGN STUDIES <ifs.counselor@gmail.com>

Hello Mam/Sir,

                    This is Navya Narisetty, a student of IFS for Fall 2011. I hope IFS remembers me. I have been admitted into Engineering Management Department in Missouri University of Science & Technology this fall. Within span of two months, I have been awarded out-state waive ( about 60% tuition fee) and also quarter time and i have been given graduate research assistant post under a senior professor. I am sharing my happiness with you people. Without you, it might not be possible for which i am here today. I am into a really good university. 

Thanks for everything IFS .... and hope you would be showing a bright path to all of your students.....This university is pretty famous for Engineering Management, Mechanical, Manufacturing, Materials and the funding scenario is really too good and the course curriculum is also a real worth to the students.So, students who are worried about the funding can be relaxed and they could easily get RA and TA when they come here. I would like to see more IFS students in my university.....

Cheers IFS

Navya Narisetty
Graduate Research Assistant
Department of Engineering Management
Missouri University of Science & Technology

We Congratulate K.Sumanth for Relying On IFS

Name : K. Sumanth
College : JNTU (Prakasam Engineering College )
Admitted to : Texas A & M Kingsville.
Semester : Spring 2012
  Country : USA

I was happy with the services provided by IFS, from the date of admissions the way they helped me in choosing the university and also providing the follow up information from time to time. Also the VISA process is systematic and following the rules and regulations without encouraging any type fake documents.

OUR Student Studying at New Castle University, UK

College : G.V.P.College of Engg
Admitted to : New Castle University
Semester : Sep - 2011
  Country : UK

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From: siva chaitanya <                                            > (hidden for security purpose
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2011 22:54:02 +0000
To: Institute for Foreign Studies <admission.uk@ifsconsultants.in>


Firstly I thank the whole team of IFS for making an effort to putting me in the right university which i believe I’m already in, I especially  thank Rama Raju sir, you and Sireesha mam  for being the force when I’m in a dilemma of considering the university when i got the admission into it, coming to the university it is one among the top 200 reputed universities in the world that's for sure as i see it, located in the heart of the city it has got a huge campuses for different departments in the heart of city, and you find lots of students in Newcastle, you can name it as student city infect and regarding studies i really liked the way they teach subjects here, although the professors may seem that they are not getting into the subject but they know what they are talking about , I don’t know about other departments much but in my department the professors are friendly, helpful, approachable and very talented , i have gone through their personal websites i have visiting scientists from MIT teaching me another professors in my department are from MIT and they are really very deep into
research in the VLSI field , not only my department we have other groups in my departments such as Communications and Signal Processing which is also a reputed one where a lot of research is going on, and here regarding the subjects which I’m learning i had shared my modules(subjects) which I’m going to learn with my friend who studies in NIT Tiruchy and i found that I’m learning a bit more and latest advancements in technology here ,in my Microelectronics group my university is the one who introduces BIST (Built in Self Test) algorithm for the world i felt excited when i heard about it, and lot of research is going on in my field here mainly on Bio-medical implementations and stuff, regarding the job scenarios i think the market in UK is gradually picking up the pace regarding the part time opportunities there are part time jobs for students , most of them work in stores like and spencers shopping mall, Argos etc and some work in bars, some work on campus as associates which has a tough competition, and regarding the full time opportunities the university has its own job searching website where we find the up-to-date information about the vacancies, they some software companies which hires students on grad program basis like Accenture, HP, Atkins, Barclays Banks ,Atmel, AMD(sometimes) etc where they look for some experience before hiring for the job their roles, but right now only the fear which is hunting down
Indian students is the removing PSW from April 2012 onwards , until and unless one shows an income of 21,000 pound a year he won’t be issues a PSW for 2 years , so everyone is hoping for good here that this problem will be resolved by the British government soon, right now my first semester is coming to an end here and second semester is going to start from February onwards, and my advice for the students applying to this university would be make sure you have sufficient practical knowledge on the field you are applying for before coming here as for each semester there will be a mini project on the practical subjects we learn in India , and consider my case i have a mini project in VHDL in semester 1 and a cadence tools project in semester 2 , basically i have some idea about it so i could cope up but I see some students who are having hard time learning the subject as they haven’t been taught in their undergrad, if you are into Communications and Signal Processing you are expected to have a good knowledge about MATLAB and Wireless Sensors kind of stuff , and regarding the teaching method is the best i have seen , the videos of the lectures the professors teach in class will uploaded everyday to a university website so that students can refer later that is the best thing i liked here

I hope my feedback would help some one in need and one more time i thank
the whole team of IFS for putting me in the right place I fit in

Best Regards

OUR Student Studying at Oklahoma State University, USA

College : G.V.P.College of Engg
Admitted to : Oklahoma State University
Semester : Fall - 2011
  Country : USA

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From: Agastya kumar komarraju <                                            > (hidden for security purpose
Date: Thu, Jan 12, 2012 at 2:55 AM
Subject: Re: From IFS: Need your Valuable reply
To: Institute for Foreign Studies <admissions@ifsconsultants.in>

As you probably know, I am doing my master's in Management Information Systems in Oklahoma State University, Stillwater. Funding opportunities are many and varied here. I got a Graduate assistantship in my very first semester and I also have an Internship offer. OSU offer's a very popular MIS degree that is very highly respected in the United States. As far as MIS is concerned, there is 100% placement. Please pass on the message. Feel free to ask me for help at all times. Kindly convey my regards to Ramaraju sir and Ravi sir.


OUR Student studying at Robert Gordon University, UK

College : Vinayaka Mission University
Admitted to : Robert Gordon University
Semester : Sep - 2011
  Country : UK

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From: TELIDEVARA KARTHIK  <                                            > (hidden for security purpose
Date: Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 3:04 AM
Subject: Re: From IFS: Need your valuable reply
To: admissions@ifsconsultants.in

Hi ,
I am very happy to hear from you, happy new year to the IFS team. I feeling and doing good. Last week i received a mail asking my review about RGU, the university is the best in Scotland. It’s not just the ranking but the infrastructure, facilities, careers, sports, union everything about RGU is worth every penny invested. Regarding the PSW , the universities in Scotland have conducted a pole regarding the government decision on visa rules so everyone is hoping for visa changes for current and future students. The video that was recorded in IFS office having my footage can be published and telecasted for advertising purposes by the IFS. I would feel it an honor and will be delighted also. I also attended the saltier scholarship official Scottish government dinner hosted by the education ministry for the winners of the scholarship; it was a wonderful experience, feel free to contact m e any time.
With regards,


OUR Student Studying Bachelors Degree at Kansas State University, USA

College : Sri Chaitanya Jr College
Admitted to : Kansas State University
Semester : Spring - 2012
  Country : USA

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From: Dyotan Vindula  <                                            > (hidden for security purpose
Date: Thu, Jan 5, 2012 at 8:36 PM
Subject: feedback
To: "info@ifsconsultants.in" <info@ifsconsultants.in>

At the outset, I wish to acknowledge my sincere thanks to the organization
for the continuous guidance provided to me in fulfilling my dream desire.
Without getting referred and seeking anybody's advice, my mother has
stepped into the organization unexpectedly and we could get the full
satisfaction for the service provided.
The main factor for which we were impressed is the patient listening and
constant guidance provided by them for each and every doubt expressed by
us in every stage of process.
We have never seen any commercial approach by the staff of the
organization and they were frank enough to provide all the required details
as and when sought by us.
I wish the organization all the best in its future activities and my best wishes
are for them to expand their service to more and more people.

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