Tips to Securing VISA

USA Visa interview is a face to face personal interview which may last only for 2-3 minutes in majority of the cases and at times it may be as lengthy as 15-30 minutes also depending on the ongoing question and answer session.

Be Genuine and showcase your confidence is the mantra to succeed in the visa interview.

Few tips to enhance your success rate at the visa interview are:

First Impression:

First impression will have an everlasting impact so

  1. Dress appropriately
  2. Maintain smile on your face
  3. Maintain Eye Contact
  4. Stand in proper posture
  5. Control your nervousness

Answering Style:

Success depends a lot on the way you answer the questions

  1. Listen to the question properly. Do not give false statements
  2. Answer to the point – Too lengthy or too short answers will spoil the interview
  3. Do not think too much while answering the questions
  4. Be smart & logical while answering the questions
  5. Maintain consistency
  6. Communication should be crystal clear


Carry original documents of all the applicable areas. Unless and until you are asked to show a document do not place the entire set of documents in front of the consulate officer.

  1. Academic documents
  2. work experience related documents
  3. Financial documents
  4. Supporting documents for the Visa application
  5. Documents related to Sponsor

Make Preparation:

Learn about the expected questions and practice to answer these questions in a perfect way

  1. Learn about the degree and the program that you intend to pursue at the University
  2. Learn about the University
  3. Justify your choice of that particular University
  4. Why did you choose only USA as study destination why not some other country?
  5. In what way this degree or studies will help you?
  6. What are your career plans?
  7. Have clarity about your financial documents
  8. Do not hide information about your siblings or immediate relatives information who are residing in USA.
  9. Fill the DS 160 (Visa application) form with exact information.
  10. Learn the names of the websites associated to selection of University and visa application.

So your personality, communication skills, confidence and enthusiasm will make your dreams come true. Good Luck !!!