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Ever wondered why this world goes go gaga over the USA? There are so many students who strive to go there; their dreams are pinned to their walls and every night all they want to see themselves is a graduate student from top universities.


What does USA offer?

Let me list out those points that could excite you:-


US education offers academic excellence, cutting-edge technology,


It provides extensive support services for international students, generous funding opportunities,

It offers a wide variety of educational options, flexible curricula and hands-on training (OPT and CPT).

Although every year many students try their level best to crack good score in the tests, very few are picked up by the universities and this means that it provides quality education to whoever gets selected

You will have the flexibility to choose a class at any time during the academic year since some courses are offered multiple times during the academic year.

The quarterly or semester system gives you the flexibility to complete your academic program at your own pace and take additional time on a research project if required. You can also spread out your course completion schedule in such a manner that you can devote more time for research and complete your course in a couple of years.

If you are inclined toward academic research, USA would be a perfect choice for higher education. You can get the opportunity to earn while you learn when you enroll in an MS/Ph.D. program. Your research grant will help support your personal needs by waiving your tuition and providing you with a stipend while the intellectual challenges that you will overcome academically will certainly help satisfy your professional appetite.


Still in doubt?

We don’t blame you, you know why? It takes so much effort to go from our home to complete different state in our country, tickets, lifestyle, scholarships etc…. Then if you are in doubt about this then you are absolutely on the right path, allow us to take you to the place you are in search of answers for….


Applying to a U.S. graduate school is a time-consuming, but it will all be worth it. Here are the few insights for you:-


Wherever you fly, tests are anyway important, make sure you got a good score to show to universities

Next step-letters of recommendation, mark sheets, and credentials, Your resume

SOP isn’t that easy because when the university professors read your essay, they understand everything about you holistically, allow yourself 10-12 days to work on it and then let the final draft be scrutinized by the one who is expert in this

As we know, everyday competition is just getting stronger, make sure you have selected good amount of universities, not too many because that is waste of money too as the application fee is high compared to here, we will counsel you crystal clearly without any bias about the universities you are eligible to go.

Remember, the world will be your oyster, you just need to try. Scholarships are like never-ending stories but they can be sorted by your financial needs. We will help you out in this by analyzing your financial needs and wants; everything will be guided by us.

We will make sure you have plain sailing in this whole journey with us.


Visa requirements for USA


These are 3 main types:

1.F-1 Student Visa

2.J-1 Student Visa: Exchange Visitor Visa

3.M-1 Student Visa


USA- “All within your reach”


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