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The universities from continental Europe are heavily subsidized by their respective national governments. Most of the International Master programs are offered with no or nominal tuition fee by the public institutions of Germany, Norway, Belgium, Italy, Finland, and France. Germany is a land of history, a land of ideas and a place which offers free education for its international students. It is fifth largest in the world and its economy is largest in Europe.


Why choose Germany?

  Tuition fee is either free or moderate.

The education sector is given a top priority by many European Countries and thus provides good value for money by offering internationally recognized degrees at an affordable cost.

Student has a high probability of getting into better-ranked university when applied for admission into universities in continental Europe than in the United States.

It is excellent in research in teaching.

Safe and economically stable location

It provides a link between self-analysis, research, theory, and practice.

Germany has got a history of innovations in the past and it will continue to flourish and this will be a great opportunity for students to learn and get trained there.



Visa Services

There are 3 types of German Visas:

Language Course Visa (Visa for Language Learning)– is the perfect option for those that want or need to learn the German language in Germany.

Student Applicant Visa– if you want to study in Germany, but are still trying to find the right program or you still haven’t got the confirmation letter from your University

StudentVisa – if you have already been accepted to a German university.

 Before doing anything else, in order to apply for the Student Schengen Visa, you need to set up a visa appointment at the German Embassy or Consulate in your country. Check up for the available dates and make the appointment in the online system on the website of the German Embassy or Consulate in your country, soon after you will be able to plan your departure time.

Germany-: A travel destination and a place of innovation”




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