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We are all aware of Sydney and Brisbane which has got a lot of job opportunities including part- time jobs. It is the sixth largest country and has the lowest population density per square kilometer. Australian Universities offer pathway programs, bachelors & master’s degrees and doctoral programs.


  1. High international rankings of Australian Universities
  2. World Class Qualification
  3. Part time job opportunities for international students
  4. Post-Study Work Visa for 2 years
  5. Opportunity for Permanent Residence

Students who are not able to meet the direct entry requirements of Australian Universities can be offered ‘Pathway Programs”. These programs can be offered at undergraduate level and postgraduate level. These are also called as ‘Packaged Programs’. Pathway programs are a good opportunity to the students who fail to meet the direct entry requirements of the Australian universities.


Pathway Programs are of two types:-  1.Academic Pathway Programs: Offered to the students who are unable to meet the Academic entry criteria   2.English Language Programs: Offered to the students who are unable to meet the English language criteria


What is GTE-GENUINE TEMPORARY ENTRANT and why you should know about it?

Genuine: The student should have genuine intentions of studying in



Temporary: The student should intend to stay in Australian temporarily.

The objective of ‘GTE Assessment’ is to distinguish genuine students from non-genuine ones and to ensure entry of only genuine students in Australia universities and AHC consider not only the profile but also the ‘intentions’ of an international student. Hence, students with good profiles may not necessarily be ‘GTE compliant’


GTE Assessment is conducted at three levels:

  • Agent
  • University/College
  • (GTE Checklist, SOP, Interview)
  • Australian High Commission (SOP, Interview)


“GTE – Genuine Temporary Entrant”

Student’s reasons for choosing to study in Australia and reasons regarding not choosing to study in other countries

Student’s reasons for choosing to study in his preferred university and comparison with other universities in Australia

Student’s future plans, organizations he intends to work with, designations he expects to work at and salary he expects to receive after his studies are over

  • Marital Status of the applicant
  • Qualification of Spouse
  • Employment status of spouse
  • Annual income of spouse
  • Tenure of Marriage

Visa services in Australia

There are several types of student visas based on the courses students usually opt and your visa requirements for Australia depend upon the same method. The following documents are must:

Visa application form (which your education counselor will help you completely)

Visa application fee

Four passport-sized photographs

Valid passport

Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (once your counselor has applied to institutions for you Academic and work experience documents

Statement of purpose

Evidence of financial ability (tuition fees, living expenses, expenses for dependents, return airfare). For detailed visa application checklist, please speak to your counselor.

On lodging of your visa application, your counselor will download the medical forms. You will need to undergo a medical examination by a doctor and have the forms completed.

Your application will be allocated a unique Transaction Reference Number (TRN) by the Australian Government. You may find out about the status of your application online.

“There is nothing like Australia”

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