Study and Work or be an Intern at the same time

Want to study and work or get an internship at the same time? Do you know there are countries who offer such opportunities to students regardless of what nation they belong to? We will give you some of the countries who let you study and work or be an intern at the same time. 



Being marked as the safest country under UN Index, it is known for giving a work permit to students which attracts a huge number of students to study there every year.  The country believes that young immigrants are the ones who change the economy and let it grow. Under the Work permit, students can get up to 3 year work permit depending upon the study duration to take the course.


New Zealand

A place which is known for its breathtaking landscapes and city architecture, has eight universities which are listed in the world university rankings and its higher education system is ranked 16th in the world. It is 4th safest country in the world. New Zealand allows international students to apply for work permit up to 4 years during your post graduation.



Australia is ranked globally for its education system and Australia is attracting huge number of students even from India. Although living expenses are quite high, but it offers quality education and work permit at the same time and became a hot spot for many countries for offering a quality education, it allows international students to work for 18 months.



A place which is known as magical and mystic land, which can take us to the era of magicians and witches, offers you to study and work at the same time. It offers low fees when compared to US and UK and it has managed to attract students to its best city Dublin where the education hub is absolutely good. Ireland promotes itself with the tagline, “Ireland educated, globally connected”.



Offering free education, it also allows international students to work for 90 days without any work permit every year. For all the students who always wanted to study abroad but were bounded because of the hefty fee and no work permits, Germany has availed you all such opportunities. Another plus point is that, students can apply for a German residence or an EU Blue Card if he wants to work in different European Union countries (excluding the United Kingdom, Denmark and Ireland). But remember, if and only you learn its native language, you get these perks of studying there.

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