What are they?  Do they make an impact on your journey going to your favorite university? How are we going to help you in this?

There are some of the important questions which pop up when we think about writing essays for universities like Stanford. Yes, SOP Services are those which help you in preparing a very good essay. SOP-STATEMENT OF PURPOSE, it doesn’t need any other definition to define it, because SOP’s are those which are asked by universities to know about you in a comprehensible way. An SOP contains these important steps:


How important is an SOP for going to best universities?

Let me cut this short and instead of beating around the bush, let’s assume you have written something about yourself, what kind of person you are and who you want to be. But, as it is said, first impressions are the last impressions and believe me, in this case, it is absolutely true. With extensive research, we have gathered what do universities actually ask for, and as many students who always admired and aspired to go to universities like Toronto, Stanford, Cambridge, Oxford etc… they want to know your life journey in a genuine and astute way.

You can crack those tests with highest scores but mind you when it comes to presenting yourself because that’s where the main essence lies. Our counselors, who will analyze your journey go through your resume, interview with some questions, and formulate an SOP. This SOP is about you, which explains perfectly about who you are, what you have done and what you are seeing yourself to be in the next 10 years down the line.


Dos and Don’ts for SOP

Writing an SOP needs an art of formulating through critical analysis of resume and questionnaire. It needs to be written in a manner where the student has to explain everything about himself in a crisp and interesting way. An SOP as we know is writing an essay, presenting yourself to the university and letting them know what one person has achieved and what he is aspiring to be in 10 years down the line. Hence, it shouldn’t be more than 2 pages, it should be on point. Here are some of the Dos and Don’ts for Sop



Try not to get into lengthy narrations of philosophical or personal information unless you’re asked. Stick to what has been requested by the program; some grad schools may request for clinical work or research experiences so ensure you emphasize these.

The University must acknowledge through your SOP that you have done some homework, showing them that you are motivated by your goals.

Use active voice and highlight everything from a positive angle.

It’s important in an SOP that whatever words you are using, like persistent, team worker, you need to make sure that you mention those activities during your education period that you have worked that way. Stating examples will let them know that you have actually done something and not just bluffing just for the sake of selections.

Make sure that there are no grammatical errors while writing the essay, giving it a crisp editing. Let someone who is experienced in it examine once. You need to tailor the SOP for every school you apply, enough to convince them that you belong there.



There are some words that are painfully over-used and just sound empty and vague –such as challenging; rewarding; beautiful and meaningful. Make sure these don’t end up in your SOP.

Don’t make it common using the same phrases where other students would also just simply use it. You need to use something which is sensible and unique without overdoing what you have written.

It’s not a plain answer sheet of the subject you hate where you keep on repeating the stuff just for the sake of filling it. Unless you are asked about something specific, do not repeat anything.

You are presenting yourself as a student, in a professional and decent way; sometimes humor may not be appreciated and cannot be tolerated by the university, Hence, make sure you refrain yourself from such words.

Slang and unoriginal phrases like “And I have always wanted to become a….” won’t really help you score either.

Talking about mistakes unless you are referring to it as a learning experience.

Special fonts or colored paper are a definite no-no!

Don’t let them mistake your confidence for arrogance — make sure your tone throughout the essay portrays you to be a person who is open to learning.


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