Why choose us?

Without beating around the bush, I am going to give you a clear picture of what we actually are. You decide why you need to choose us, mind you, there is a thin line in between need and want, and trust me, we fall into both the kinds.

I- Integrity

You may have come across people who just say this, but we are not going to be amongst who just say. There are many countries; many universities and you do the math of the competition. But have you ever wondered if services of this kind can ever be biased? Many universities want to get admissions, and it can happen that people can make a fool out of you with the perception that you have no clear knowledge about going abroad. But, we in IFS show you the truth crystal clearly. We are not biased; we show you where you deserve to go. We will give you the clear picture of what you want through our counseling and then we will slowly lead you through the entire process smoothly. But, this whole process will be chosen by you, we don’t give you our opinions, we will just list out those universities, scholarships you are eligible for.


We believe in helping you out. In the first place, the confused you need to get placed in friendly hands and our counselors will analyze you this way. You can be comfortable with them, want to know what is good in any country? What are the climates you are comfortable in? What is your favorite course? Are you confused whether there is any course of your talent? You can pour your heart out in front them, they won’t judge you by your grades, your dreams, and goals, or financial needs, all they want to do is take you to a place where you deserve to go.

S- Sagacity

Without good judgment, it is just like a blind man taking the lead but a blind man can also take the lead, if and only he is wise enough to make good judgments. Understand that, in this whole process, in order to unknot the process smoothly, we must acknowledge what you dream of. Anyone can just list out the universities, scholarships, and stuff but we are not here to do that. If you are approaching us, we see you as students who need our guidance in order to reach the sky, your dreams must get fulfilled and our counselors will not advise you merely but actually take care of you from the process of counseling to settling in abroad and doing your favorite course in the university you are actually eligible for.

Come to us, we will let you experience this process in a very logical and ethical way. We take you where you deserve to go.

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