Free Education Abroad

Want to redeem yourself from paying hefty amounts to universities and still want to fly abroad?

Don’t worry, we got your back. Here is the list of countries who charge no fee or little amount of fee in abroad.



One of those few countries which has got huge history and now a place where technology is evolving and country is growing continuously. German and international students, regardless of what nation they belong to can avail this opportunity. Combined with free education, it is known for its academic excellence too. But it will anyway cost you some amount for your visa and living expenses. Despite those expenses, of course, fee in the universities cost our pockets way too high, hence, a place where academic excellence exists, you should not stop yourself from going.


Nordic countries

Nordic countries include Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, and Norway. These places are known for their exquisite landscapes. But according to UN index, these countries are also listed under safest countries. No matter what nationality you belong to, you will have free education there and you just need to pay your semester fee there. In Iceland, there are four public universities which offer free education, and you need to play only registration fee around 400€ a year. Denmark, Sweden and Finland charges tuition fee and the free education perks is availed to students from Switzerland, and other European countries.



Just like Germany, France has also given opportunities for its international students to study at free or low cost. Yes, France and we know how much exciting that sounds. Not that they do not charge at all, but the amount you are imagining to pay at universities is reduced to almost half. Only issue is they teach students in their native language. Living costs in France are at affordable price and you can go to French classes and then proceed.


Other countries which offer free education are:



Czech Public






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