IFS Consultants – About

It all started when an ambitious young engineer wanted to live his dreams.  Very few of us put our thoughts and ideas into action. In the year 2001, he started giving  shape to his thoughts. He had the urge to provide professional and ethical path for the students who dream to study abroad. That’s  when Institute for Foreign Studies (IFS) was established, with a team of people those who have immense knowledge over foreign education, culture, and so on, that would help the needy ones to reach their dream with lesser hurdles and more confidence.


IFS Consultants – Origin

At the end of 20th Century the technological evolution gave rise to global village which leads to a need for professionals who can understand the universal language of compatibility and coexistence and “ifs” believes in realizing this language for the people through the medium of abroad education”. Hundreds of students from India move to countries like U.S.A, U.K, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, New Zealand, Germany, Sweden, SWITZERLAND, Singapore  annually, to pursue their under graduate and graduate studies. While Indian education lays an excellent foundation, it takes the creative, scientific approach of study in a foreign country; to hone one’s thinking process. A degree from a foreign land offers, in addition, a great cultural experience that sculpts the soul even more exquisitely. Studying abroad broadens one’s horizons and helps them to think more objectively. Many students considering an educational experience in a foreign soil fail to get information and advice based on their individual needs and capabilities, as well as different colleges and universities for the same program from different geographical regions. As a result one may enter an educational institution with expectation that cannot be fulfilled.


IFS Consultants – Initiative

It is observed that many students who want to study abroad do not know exactly which university provides the course that suit them best, do not have the information regarding scholarship availability, placements, internship opportunities in the university, reputation of the university and its impact on their career, social cultural preferences and so on. For this, guidance is essential, but very few universities have direct recruiting sessions in India. Because of this students waste a lot of time, money and effort exploring options on their own. To find out if a study in a particular country will be best alternative for you, one needs information about study options available in that field in that country and for employment after they return.
It is ifs that took initiative in the year 2001 with a vision, mission and certain goals & ethics to extend genuine guidance and required support to the abroad education aspirants.


IFS Consultants – Vision

  • To provide career guidance based on the needs, capabilities and abilities of the candidate, which will help to decide career options and place oneself on the right track.
  • To provide the highest standards of training in exams like GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL/IELTS using innovative programs that transforms an average student into highly test taker.
  • To prepare the students in learning foreign languages like German, French, Spanish, Japanese so that they could be placed anywhere in the world.
  • To provide aspirants required courage  of conviction, optimism and confidence which would keep them motivated towards their  desire throughout  the journey. ose who desire for “Education abroad” as part of their professional and personal life. 

IFS Consultants – Mission

  • To be an internationally recognized organization, advocating abroad education, working with established institutions on the promotion of education to attract students through innovative techniques
  • World-leader educational consultants, providing an unparalleled range of services to meet the challenge of making applications to educational institutions more successful.
  • An internationally recognized forum where prospective Students can get expert advice on educational matters.

IFS Consultants – Counseling Ethics

While most of the organizations; boast of counseling on abroad education, but the real essence lies in apprising the students on the various opportunities available in the abroad country as per the immigration guidelines and guiding them with unbiased and authentic information. We do not represent any university but instead represent  Student’s application before the admission committee and eventually get the admission they deserve. Thus our counseling strategy works on the needs, academic eligibility, financial capability, student’s area of interest and  career goals. Our experienced and qualified counselors bring in a novel approach for all the queries being posted by the students and thus.

  • Advise you by Leading; rather than pushing.
  • Guide you; rather than talking.
  • Provide authentic & unbiased info rather than giving information
  • Provide solutions for your shortcomings rather than leaving you in darkness
  • Be realistic; rather than dramatic

To sum up we could say that our counseling ATTITUDE can help in changing your career ALTITUDE.


Why IFS ?

We provide ethical and professional consultancy service..

We provide accurate and realistic information to prospective students who are wishing to study overseas, and demonstrate attributes and qualities to competently serve the needs of students and parents.

We provide information on employment opportunity as per the respective countries immigration guidelines and eligibility of part-time work.

We provide information on the limited number of scholarships and the criteria to obtain them.

We actively seek and promote professional development and keep updated on current changes and developments in the fields.

We publicise in ethical manner

We conduct ourselves in transparent and unbiased manner.

We are accountable for all our actions and the customer has every right to question at each and every stage of application process.

IFS Consultants having built on sound principles & values, has grown in strength & business in the last fifteen years. Today we are known as trend-setters in Overseas Education Consultancy

We, at IFS consultants, having rich experience and exposure would be in a better position to advise the aspiring students who look for study abroad.